LG Tribute 5 How to Bypass Google Account

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Type “Settings” in the search bar & select the “Settings” option as shown in the screenshot above.It will take you to system settings.

Look here for Apps and select it

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Now you’re in App Manager. Swipe towards right till you reach “ALL” Tab

Scroll down and look for Setup Wizard

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Click on Setup Wizard and hit on “Disable” button.  Confirm this action with “Yes” and Press Power key to Reboot the phone.

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Once again you’re on the setup page but this time, you won’t be bothered with Google Sign-in Page. Just click next, you’ll land to Wifi setup page. Again tap Next agree to LG License agreement and hit Done to complete Setup Wizard.

This method should work on other LG phones as well, but I’ve tried it on LS675 only.

If you’re facing any issue feel free to ask it via the comment section below.


If you own LG Tribute HD LS676 Please Follow this TutorialLG Tribute HD LS676 Bypass Google Account

32 thoughts on “LG Tribute 5 How to Bypass Google Account

  1. It worked like a charm. But one thing is after tapping on the human figure to bring up the accessibility modal press and hold the home key and not just press it

  2. Thanks to these instructions I was able to get phone unlocked. I bought from a 3rd party and they had it locked up on their google account. Have worked with them a week to try and get it unlocked and couldn’t. Tried every you tube video with no luck. Thank goodness I found this and it’s working like brand new.

  3. Did all that. Don’t have previous Google account info. Still says Configuring your phone. Without Google account, how can it configure? CAN IT configure? If not, then what’s the hard reset for???

    • Press volume up + volume down + power button simultaneously to bypass “configuring your phone”.
      This will give you “skip” option to bypass this screen

  4. I st can’t do it. I got the phone from my frenad it was her dead huabens and she does not no inty of the infermathion on it so what do I do.joyec

  5. Worked on my tribute 5 when the screen with the home button after pressing the little man I had to hold down the home button then it worked other wise It told me to finish setup. If you just tap home button it will say finish setup but if you hold it it will take you to Google

  6. 1 .. go to switch access and turn it on ..
    2 .. settings in switch access …
    3 .. assign key actions ….
    4 .. overview (assign volume down to it )
    then do what the admin said above …..
    5 .. before you press the home bottom first hold the volume down key at the back of the phone ……
    then the home bottom ….
    this should take you straight to the google search bar then continue from there …..

  7. Yea I have the same problem with my leg tribute HD. I’ve contacted Google , lg , and virgin mobile the service provider. They walked me threw a bunch of steps with no luck. I was told to send it to lg for replacement. It’s really a stupid feature

  8. on my LG tribute i hard reseted my phone and the gmail account that had gotten last synced with the phone i forgot the password and i dont know what to do i desperately need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. To everyone, I had to do this there or four times in a row before it finally bypassed the google verification, but it did finally work.

  10. I think you have no idea what your talking about.
    Like everyone else, I have done the steps above and it tells me to finish set up. What set up is that, and if you are 100 % positive then get in touch with me. Cause it ain’t working for anyone else.
    Byron 208-713-1971

  11. I keep getting the eula has stooped. And the configuration screen on my lg tribute5. And my google play is not working i cant do any thing please. Help me

  12. Ive tried every method over and over again nothing has worked i manage to get on google (hence how im typing this .message ) but i still get finish set up command from google.Im a begginer someone help!!

  13. MY LG phone goes straight to the voice activation screen it does show a home welcome screen for me to get to the accessibility bottom I hard rebooted it and still no welcome screen so how do I bypass google activation?? Please help me

  14. My ls675 won’t go to anything but safe mode with the power and vol down buttons….also factory reset is not “selectable” …plz help?

    • If you’re trying to Factory reset your phone.
      Turn OFF phone. Press power + vol down till you’re in recovery mode. Move down with volume down till you at “Factory Reset” option. Press power button to select this option.

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