LG Stylo 6 recovery mode, download mode & safe mode lm-q730

The recovery, download & safe mode are the 3 most useful modes of troubleshooting on the LG Stylo 6. Is your phone acting abnormally? Did the soft reset fail to restore your phone to a normal working state? Don’t worry we need to try the advanced troubleshooting steps.

The common Stylo 6 issues can be in the form of lagging, app crashes, overheating, sound problems, data not working, charging problems, black screen, not turning on, no service, not sending/receiving text messages, Bluetooth/Wifi problems, hotspot not working, etc.

The basic troubleshooting should always be a soft reset or force restart. If this doesn’t work, we need to try the safe mode. If safe mode fails to restore your phone, you need to reset the phone.

The internal storage data will get wiped during a factory reset. If the phone fails to boot to the home screen we can restore it by flashing the stock firmware in Download Mode.

In this post, we are going to learn how to access and use these different modes of troubleshooting on Stylo 6. So, Let’s get going –

How to put LG Stylo 6 in Recovery Mode

Recovery mode is mostly used to bypass the lock screen when you forget the screen password, pattern, or PIN. We can factory reset the Stylo 6 via Recovery Mode when locked out.

lg stylo 6 recovery mode


To put our Stylo 6 into recovery mode, we need to power off the phone.

Use the power button on the right to turn off the phone.

how to put lg stylo 6 into recovery mode

Now, select power off and wait for the phone to shut down.

lg stylo 6 recovery mode metropcs

To boot your Stylo 6 into recovery mode – 

  • Once the phone is off, press the volume down and power button to boot the phone.
  • When LG Stylo 6 logo appears on the screen (or when the phone vibrates), release the power button for a moment and hold it again until your phone is on the “Factory data reset” screen.
  • Never release the volume down key during the whole process.


lg lm-q730tm recovery mode

  • The above “Factory data reset” screen with a white background is the Recovery Mode.
  • In Recovery Mode, the touchscreen doesn’t work. We need to use the volume rocker and power button.

Move down from “No(Exit)” to “Yes” via the volume down button. Press the power key once, to select “Yes”.



lg lm-q730mm recovery mode

Again go down from “No” to “Yes” and hit the Power key.

lg stylo 6 recovery mode boost mobile

The internal storage data is being erased. We need to wait for a few minutes.

Finally, we are on the “Welcome” screen. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish the setup wizard.

How to put LG Stylo 6 into recovery mode when locked out

lg stylo 6 locked out recovery mode

If you’ve forgotten the lock screen password, pattern, or PIN on your Stylo 6, the only way to restore the phone is via Recovery Mode.

When locked out, it won’t let your power off or restart the phone.



lg stylo 6 force restart

In such a case, we need to force restart the phone. Press and hold the volume down and power keys until the phone restarts.

lg stylo 6 boot screen

During the restart, when LG Stylo 6 logo appears on the screen, leave the power button for a moment, and hold it again. Now, keep holding both the keys until you reach the “Factory data reset” screen also known as the recovery mode.

how to boot lg stylo 6 into recovery mode

Reset the phone via recovery mode as explained before.

If stuck on the Google verification page, follow the latest hack to bypass FRP on LG Stylo 6 –

How to bypass Google verification on LG Stylo 6 without computer 2021


How to put LG Stylo 6 in Download Mode

The download mode is used to restore a bricked Stylo 6. If your phone is stuck on the boot screen or is completely dead, try to boot into Download Mode.

We can flash a stock firmware via the Download Mode to restore the phone back to a working state.


 lg stylo 6 download mode

To boot your LG Stylo 6 into download mode – 

  • Turn off the phone using the power button on the right.


how to put lg stylo 6 into download mode

  • Tap, Power off, and wait for the phone to shut down.

how to boot lg stylo 6 into download mode

  • Get hold of a USB Type-C data cable
  • Turn on your computer
  • Connect one end of the USB cable to your PC
  • Press and hold the volume UP key on your Stylo 6 & insert the other end of the USB cable in the phone’s charging port.


lg  lm-q730tm download mode

  • Your Stylo 6 must be now in the Download mode

lg lm-q730mm download mode

Wait for the LG Mobile USB Modem & LG Mobile USB Serial Port drivers to install.


lg stylo firmware update lgup

We are now ready to flash the stock kdz firmware file on our Stylo 6 via LGUP.

How to put LG Stylo 6 in Safe Mode

The safe mode on Stylo 6 is used to make sure the issue is not related to a downloaded app.

In the safe mode, all the downloaded apps are disabled. If the phone is working fine when in Safe mode we need to identify the malicious app and remove it.

To put your Stylo 6 into safe mode – 

  • While the phone is on, long-press the power button located on the right
  • Now, long-press “Power off” as marked in the above screenshot.


A Safe mode window will appear on the screen. Tap “TURN ON” to reboot your phone into Safe Mode.

The Safe mode watermark can be seen at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

You can see the apps and widgets are disabled in the safe mode.

However, we get to uninstall a downloaded app.

Open the Settings app and select “Apps”.


Now, choose the first option on the page i.e. “App info”.

Scroll down and look for a 3rd party/downloaded app.

Let’s uninstall the “Screen Recorder” app.

Hit “Uninstall” to remove the app.

Now restart the phone into normal mode and check if the issue persists.

By trial and error, we need to detect the culprit app.

To turn off Safe mode, pull down the notification panel and tap “Safe Mode is On”.

A confirmation pop-up appears at the bottom of the screen. It reads hit “Turn off ” to restart the phone in regular mode with all apps.


Is your LG Stylo 6 working fine? Feel free to report an issue via the comment section below.


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