LG Stylo 6 not turning on / won’t boot up or charge when plugged in

Is your LG Stylo 6 all dead? There can be a multitude of reasons for this behavior. The issues can be related to Software or hardware.

If your Stylo 6 fails to turn on, this issue can result from a software glitch, defective power button, bad charging port, LCD gone bad, overheating, bad charging adapter/wall outlet/charging cable, defective battery, bad Motherboard, etc.

First of all, we should rule out all the software issues, before going for a hardware repair.

So, let’s begin with the LG Stylo 6 Troubleshooting –

1. Check if the phone is in Sleep Mode

lg stylo 6 not turning on

If your Stylo 6 power button is stuck, the phone will remain in sleep mode. You won’t be able to wake your phone with the power key.

In such a case, we should try to wake it with a double-tap on the screen. If you fail to turn on the screen with a double-tap, try to force restart your Stylo 6 as follows –

2. Try to boot your Stylo 6 with a Force Restart

lg stylo 6 won't turn on force restart

We can force restart our Stylo 6 using the volume down and power keys.

Press and hold the volume down & power buttons for 10 seconds or until the phone restarts.

Is your phone still dead? If yes, please head on to the next troubleshooting step  –

3. Try to put your Stylo 6 into Download Mode & Recovery Mode

b. Try to boot into Download mode & flash a stock firmware

LG Stylo 6 won't power on

We failed to restore our Stylo 6 with a force restart. Let’s try to put our phone into Download mode.

The download mode can be used to flash stock firmware on our Stylo 6.

To get access to the download mode –

  • Turn on your computer
  • Grab a USB-C data cable
  • Connect one end of the cable to your phone
  • Press the Volume Up key on your Stylo 6 and connect the other end of the USB cable to the computer as shown above.


lg stylo 6 will not power on

  • The phone must be now on the “Firmware Update” screen also known as the Download mode.

If you’re able to boot your Stylo 6 into Download mode, flash stock firmware using LGUP as per the below guide –

LG Stylo 6 Firmware Download & Update

If the download mode is not accessible, most probably you won’t be able to boot into Recovery mode as well. But let’s give it a try –

a. Try to boot into recovery mode and reset the phone

lg stylo 6 turned off and wont turn back on

If you failed to force restart the phone, it’s very unlikely that you can boot into recovery mode. However, you can still give it a try.

Press & hold the volume down and power keys to turn on the phone.

lg stylo 6 keeps turning off

When LG Stylo 6 shows up on the screen release the power key for a moment and hold it again. Now, keep holding both the buttons until your reach the “Factory data reset” screen.

lg stylo 6 recovery mode

Use the recovery mode to hard reset your Stylo 6.

Move down from No(Exit) to Yes with the volume down button and hit the power key to select “Yes”.


If you failed to get access to the Stylo 6 Download Mode or Recovery Mode, move on to the next troubleshooting step –

4. LG Stylo 6 Black Screen / LCD Replacement


We failed to wake our Stylo 6 with a double-tap on the screen, force restart, download mode, or recovery mode. Now, we need to make sure if the phone is on or off.

There are 2 ways to check this –

  • Bring your phone in a dark environment and check the phone LCD. If the light is emitting from the screen then the phone is on but the screen is black.
  • Another way to check this is by ringing your phone. Call yourself from another phone and check if the phone rings.

Now, if the phone turns on but the screen remains black, then it looks like an LCD issue –

lg stylo 6 lcd replacement with frame

You need to get a replacement LCD for your Stylo 6. If you get an LCD with a Frame you can fix it yourself.

As Stylo 6 uses a huge 6.8 inch IPS display, the replacement LCD comes at a hefty price of around $88.

If your Stylo 6 is completely dead, there must be some other hardware-related issue. Let’s find out the ways to fix it when the phone is completely dead and not charging when plugged in –

5. LG Stylo 6 not charging when plugged in

lg stylo 6 not charging when plugged in

LG Stylo 6 uses a USB Type-C charging cable. Make sure the connection between the USB cable, charging port is not loose.


a. Try to charge for at least 30 minutes

Keep the phone plugged into your wall charger for at least 30 minutes. If the battery is drained completely, it may take some extra time to begin charging.

b. Use a different Charging Adapter/USB Cable/Wall Outlet

lg stylo 6 not charging

Switch to a different USB-C cable, Power adapter, Wall outlet & check if the phone has started charging.

c. Clean the charging port with a toothbrush

lg stylo 6 USB-C charging port

Dirt or dust can accumulate in the charging port over a period of time. Clean the USB-C charging port with a toothbrush and try to charge the phone once again.

d. If using a phone case, remove it and try to charge the phone

A phone case can be a hindrance in some cases. Remove the phone case and try to charge the phone.

Is your Stylo 6 still dead? It seems, the issue is hardware-related. We need to find out the defective part and get it replaced as follows –

6. Other Hardware Issues

If the phone is completely dead, it’s surely a hardware problem. The issue can be related to Battery, Charging Port, Power button, or even Motherboard.


a. LG Stylo 6 Battery Repalcement

LG Stylo 6 Battery Replacement BL-T48

LG Stylo 6 uses a Lithium-Ion battery with the model number BL-T48. Its battery capacity is 3880 mAh.

You can get the original Stylo 6 replacement battery for around $30.

b. LG Stylo 6 Charging Connector

LG Stylo 6 Charging port replacement

When the phone fails to charge, in most cases, the issue is related to the charging port.

You can get a replacement Stylo 6 charging connector for around $13.99 at Amazon.

c. LG Stylo 6 Power Button Flex Cable Replacement

LG Stlyo 6 Power button not working

The 3rd part that we need to check for is the Power button. If the power button goes bad, you cannot turn on the phone. However, the phone will charge when connected to a charger.

A power button flex cable can fix your Stylo 6 power button. You can get it for around $7 at eBay.


7. LG Stylo 6 Keeps turning off

In some cases, the phone turns on but it keeps turning off intermittently. This gets quite annoying.

When the battery gets weak, it drains at a very fast rate. We can use the LG Stylo hidden menu to check battery health.

a. Check the Battery Health

LG Stylo 6 Battery Test

Open your Stylo 6 phone dialer and dial *#546368#*730# to open the hidden menu.

If your’s is a Boost Stylo 6, dial this code 5689#*730#

Select the 3rd option on the Hidden Menu page i.e. “SVC Menu”.

LG Stylo 6 Battery Condition

Now, choose “Battery Test” as shown above.

You can see the Battery condition is Good. For more detailed information tap “Battery Information”.

LG Stylo 6 Battery Information & Health

Tick the checkbox “Battery log save on/off”.

The battery data shows the Current, Voltage, Temperature & Battery health.

b. Overheating

LG Stylo 6 Overheating

Overheating can also turn off your phone. A phone case can prevent heat dissipation. Especially when playing high-graphics games or recording video for a long time in a hot environment.


Were you able to bring back your Stylo 6 to life? Please share your experience via the comment section below.


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