LG Stylo 5 Secret Codes / Hidden Dialer Codes lm-q720

There are 10 different variants of LG Stylo 5 based on different carriers. The secret dialer codes vary from carrier to carrier.

The 10 different LG Stylo 5 models are lm-q720ps Boost Mobile/Sprint, q720ms MetroPCS, q720tsw T-Mobile, q720ts Stylo 5x Boost Mobile, Stylo 5 Plus At&t lmq720am, Factory Unlocked lmq720qm, Spectrum Mobile q720qm6, Xfinity Mobile q720qm5, Verizon lmq720vsp & Tracfone/Straight Talk l722dl.

In this post, we are going to find out all the hidden secret codes for different Stylo 5 variants. Let’ start with the Boost Stylo 5 –

LG Stylo 5 q720ps & 5x q720ts Boost Mobile/Sprint Secret Codes

Below are the 13 working secret codes for LG Stylo 5 Boost Mobile –

To dial a secret code, you need to open the phone dialer located on the home screen.

1. IMEI Code

The first and the most common dialer code reveals the phone IMEI & MEID. The code is *#06#

This is a universal code for IMEI that works on almost every GSM phone.

2. Testing Code

The next secret code opens the “Testing” page.

The dialer code for the same is *#*#4636#*#*

There are 2 options on this page “Phone Information” & “Usage Statistics”.

Let’s check the first option i.e. “Phone Information”.

It shows mostly network-related information. Using this page we can change the “Preferred network type”.

The 2nd option on the testing page is “Usage Statistics”.

It keeps a tab on the launch time & date of the previously used apps on the phone.

You can sort the apps as per the Usage time, Launch count, or by App name.


3. Calendar Info Code

The next code on our Secret Codes list shows the “Calendar Info”.

Open the dialer and dial *#*#225#*#* to view the Calendar Info page.

4. Hidden Menu Code

The 4th secret code is the most useful secret code on our list. It reveals the Hidden Menu.

To open the Hidden Menu, dial the secret codes 5689#*720# on your Stylo 5.

There are 4 options on the hidden menu page, they are – Device Test, ORT Test, Factory Reset & Log Service.

The first option is the most useful one. It offers an extensive list of device tests. They can aid in Stylo 5 troubleshooting.


Go to “Device Test” > “SAAT > “Service Menu -Manual Test” as shown above.

This is the huge list of device test options. We can use it for software and hardware troubleshooting on Stylo 5.

The 2nd hidden menu option is “ORT Test”. Let’s check out its Manual Mode.

The ORT Manual Test options are listed above.

5. Data Menu Code (##DATA#)

Now, let’s check out the next Stylo 5 Boost secret code –

The dialer code to explore the data menu is ##3282#


6. Diagnostics Menu Code (##DIAG#)


To get access to the diagnostics menu, we need to dial the code ##3424#

This mode is used for CDMA programming.


7. OMADM Menu Code

To get access to the Sprint OMADM menu, we need to dial the secret code ##66236#

It asks for the 6 digit service code. You can get this code from Boost Mobile customer care.

8. Code to Reset the Network

The next dialer code on our list resets the network.

The secret code to reset the network is ##786#


You can either view or reset the Boost programming data using this menu.


9. Special Code to Reset the Network

There is one more Special code to reset the network.

The code for the same is ##72786#

10. Debug Menu Code

The 10th secret code on our list gives access to the Debug Menu.

To enter the debug menu, open the Stylo 5 dialer and type ##33284#

11. Code to reset the brand customization to factory default

Using the next secret code we can reset the device provisioning parameters and brand customization to factory default.

To reset the brand customization, type the dialer code ##27263#


12. Error Log Code

The next dialer code on our list shows the Stylo 5 Error log.


You can view, copy, or clear the error log using this menu.

13. Forced Activation Code

The last Boost Stylo 5 dialer code on our list is used for forced activation.

To activate your Stylo 5 on the Boost network, you can dial the code ##873283#

LG Stylo 5 MetroPCS q720ms/ T-Mobile q720ts Secret Codes


After Boost Mobile/Sprint Stylo 5, let’s check out the Metro Stylo 5 Secret Codes.

To enter the secret code, we need to open the phone dialer as shown above.

1. IMEI Code

The first code is the universal IMEI code for almost all GSM phones.

The dialer code is *#06#

2. Calendar Info Code

The 2nd secret code reveals the Calendar info.

Open your Metro/T-Mobile Stylo 5 dialer and dial *#*#225#*#* to view the calendar info page.

3. FCM Diagnostics Menu Code


The 3rd dialer code on our list reveals the Google Play services FCM Diagnostics menu.

The FCM Diagnostics page logs the “EVENTS” & current “STATUS” as shown above.

4. Testing Menu Code

The 3rd dialer code opens the “Testing” menu. We have explored this before when checking out Stylo 5 dialer codes.

The 2 menu options on this page are Phone Information & Usage Statistics. The dialer code for the same is *#*#4636#*#*

5. First Hidden Menu Code

Now, comes the 1st hidden menu code for Stylo 5 MetroPCS/T-Mobile.

There are 2 hidden menus on Metro Stylo 5 and the code for the first one is 277634#*#

The options found on the hidden menu page are listed above.

Second Hidden Menu Code

The 2nd hidden menu is the Main Hidden Menu. We have explored it earlier in the case of Boost Stylo 5.

However, this time the dialer code is different. Open your Stylo 5 dialer and enter *#546368#*720# as shown above.

LG Stylo 5 Cricket q720cs / Stylo 5 Plus At&t q720am Secret Codes

After Boost Mobile & MetroPCS, we are going to deal with Cricket Stylo 5.

Open your Stylo 5 phone dialer to enter the secret codes.

1. IMEI Code

The Stylo 5 Cricket IMEI code is *#06# 

Enter this code to view your phone IMEI number.

2. Calendar Info Code

The next dialer code opens the Calendar Info Page.

To code to access this page is *#*#225#*#*


3. FCM Diagnostics Code

Now comes the code to access the FCM Diagnostics page.

To get access to this Secret Menu, enter the code *#*#426#*#*

This is how the FCM Diagnostics page looks like.

4.Testing Menu Code


The next dialer code works on most GSM phones.

Using this code we can change the preferred network type. The dialer code to access the Testing menu is *#*#*4636#*#*

The 2 options on this page are “Phone Information” & “Usage Statistics”.

5. Hidden Menu Code

The last Stylo 5 Cricket secret code reveals the Hidden Menu.

We need to enter the same code as Metro Stylo 5 i.e. *#546368#*720#

LG Stylo 5 Tracfone/Straight Talk L722DL Secret Codes

1. Hidden Menu Code

On most of the LG Tracfone phones, I’ve found that only the Hidden Menu dialer code works.

The hidden menu code varies as per the model number. Open your Tracfone Stylo 5 phone dialer and dial the code *#546368#*722# to view the hidden menu page.

LG Stylo 5 Verizon, Factory Unlocked, Spectrum & Xfinity Secret Codes

1. IMEI Code

The IMEI code should work on the Factory Unlocked Stylo 5.

On the remaining four Stylo 5 variants i.e. Verizon, Spectrum Mobile, Factory Unlocked & Verizon, you can try the previously mentioned dialer codes.


2. LG Stylo 5 Factory Unlocked, Spectrum & Xfinity Mobile Hidden Menu Code

The above “hidden menu code” should work on Factory Unlocked, Spectrum & Xfinity Mobile Stylo 5.

Open the phone dialer and dial *#546368#*720# to view the Hidden Menu.

3. LG Stylo 5 Verizon Hidden Menu Code

On the Verizon Stylo 5, after dialing the secret code, you need to press the call button.

Dial the hidden menu code ##7764726720 and press the call button.

When prompted, enter the service code as 000000


Do you know any more Stylo 5 secret codes? Please share them via the comment section below.


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  1. Stylo 5 Tracfone code works, and mine is displaying some extra features:

    -Device Test
    -ORT Test
    -Factory Reset
    -Log Service
    -HW Version
    -Network Mode Selection
    -Field Test

    I’d play with the options above, except I’m no expert so it’s all Chinese to me, except, however, with one exception: The factory reset function. My phone, for whatever reason, has no recovery, or at least won’t display it. It used to have it, as I’ve used it before, but now no access. So the code you shared definitely deserves a big thank you, as I’ve been trying everything on the visible web to perform a factory reset on my device. This is hands-down the most user restricted device I’ve ever encountered, and I’m going to be holding onto it just for the fact of it holding the record for the most inaccessible, unrootable LG-controlled device on the planet. The “anti-caveat” in this case is that it continues to function so incredibly well in all other aspects, thus keeping this poor end-user hooked.

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