LG Stylo 5 not turning on / won’t power on or charge

Is your LG Stylo 6 is all dead and not turning on? Don’t worry we are going to fix your device.

If your phone fails to turn on or charge, there can be multiple reasons for this behavior. Before sending the phone for a hardware repair, we should try to boot it using the below troubleshooting steps.

The possible reasons for the phone not turning on are – software issues, bad power button, liquid damage, physical damage, bad battery, defective charging port/charger, a bad motherboard, etc.

Let’s go through the below troubleshooting steps to bring back our LG Stylo 5 to life –

1. Make sure the phone is not in Sleep mode

First of all, you should make sure that your Stylo 5 is not in sleep mode.

Your phone may be on, but the power button is stuck & not able to turn on the screen.

In such a case, you can double-tap the screen to bring it back to life. This feature is known as “knock-on”.

You can also try to connect your phone to a charger. If the charging symbol shows up on the screen, the phone is alive.

If this fails to turn on your phone, move on to the next troubleshooting step –

2. Reboot the phone with a Force Restart

LG Stylo 5 comes with a non-removable battery. In case of abnormal behavior, we should soft reset the phone with a force shutdown.

Let’s try to turn on our Stylo 5 with a force restart. Press & hold the volume down & power keys for 10 seconds or until the phone restarts.

If your Stylo 5 is still dead, let’s try to put it into the recovery mode –

3. Try to access the Recovery Mode /LG Stylo 5 Stuck on Logo Screen

If the force restart failed to boot your phone, it’s difficult to put it into recovery mode. But let’s give it a try.

To put our phone into recovery mode, we need to press the volume down + power button to turn on the phone.

As soon as the phone vibrates or when the LG logo shows up on the screen, release the power button for a moment and hold it again.

Keep holding both the keys until you reach the “Factory data reset” screen also known as the recovery mode.

If you’ve got access to the recovery mode, then reset your Stylo 5 using this page.

If this didn’t work then let’s try to access the LG Stylo 5 download mode. You can flash a stock firmware via the Download Mode –

4. Try to put your phone into Download Mode / LG Stylo 5 stuck on Firmware Update Screen

The Download mode is used to flash the stock firmware. It can bring a dead phone back to life.

Let’s try to boot our Stylo 5 into the Download mode as follows –

  • Turn on your computer
  • Grab a USB-C data cable
  • Insert one end of the USB cable into the PC
  • Press the Volume UP button on the Stylo 5. Keep it pressed & connect the other end of the cable to the phone
  • The phone must be now on the “Firmware Update” screen.



If you’ve reached this page, then the phone can be restored to its normal state.

Let’s try to reboot the phone at this stage. Press and hold the volume down & power keys until the phone restarts.

If none of the above steps worked for you, then the issue must be hardware-related.

Let’s move on to the next troubleshooting step –

6. LG Stylo 5 Charging Problems

Before going for an LCD replacement, we should make sure that the issue is not charging-related.


a. Charge your Stylo 5 for at least 30 minutes

LG Stylo 5 comes with a USB Type-C charging port. Make sure the connection is not loose and try to charge it for at least 30 minutes.

Now, try to boot the phone once again using the power button.


b. Use a different USB cable/Charging Adapter/Wall Outlet

You won’t be able to charge your Stylo 5 if there is some issue with the USB-C data cable, Charging adapter, or Wall outlet.

Change these and try to charge the phone once again.

c. Try to clean the charging port with a toothbrush

The charging port on the Stylo 5 is exposed. Dirt & dust can accumulate over a period of time.

Use a toothbrush to clean the charging port and try to charge the phone once again.

d. Make sure the case/cover is not blocking the charging port

Remove the phone case/cover and try to charge the phone.

5. LG Stylo 5 LCD Screen Replacement

Before going for an LCD replacement you should make sure that the phone is alive.

Bring your phone into a dark environment to check if the light is emitting from the screen. An LCD replacement will only fix your phone if the phone is on but the screen is black.

You can also try to call yourself from another phone. If the phone rings but the screen remains black then the LCD is bad.

The replacement LCD assembly with digitizer for LG Stylo 5 will cost you around $35 at Amazon.

If your Stylo 5 is completely dead then LCD replacement is not the solution. We need to check for other hardware issues –


7. Other Hardware Issues

a. Power button not working

You cannot turn on your Stylo 5 if the power button has gone bad.

To make sure, you can try to charge the phone. If the charging symbol shows up but the power button does nothing, then it needs a replacement.

We need to change the power flex cable to fix the power button. It comes for around $10 at eBay.


b. Defective Charging Port

You won’t be able to charge your Stylo 5 if the Charging port is defective. You can fix it with the LG Stylo 5 charging connector. It sells for around $6 eBay.


c. Bad Battery

If your Stylo 5 battery has swollen or a battery question mark appears on the screen, the battery needs a replacement.

LG Stylo 5 uses a non-user-replaceable BL-T44 battery. You can get the original battery from eBay at around $14

d. Defective Motherboard / Logic Board

Water damage can spoil your Stylo 5 motherboard. If nothing fails to restore your phone, the final solution is the motherboard replacement.

You can get a Stylo 5 motherboard/logic board from eBay for around $40.





8. LG Stylo 5 Keeps turning off

Does your LG Stylo 5 keep turning off abruptly? When your phone battery gets old, it drains at a very fast rate. A stage reaches when the phone turns off abruptly due to the bad battery.

This issue can also be software-related. If your Stylo 5 battery is fine, you can factory reset your phone to fix this issue.

We can check our Stylo 5 battery health using the Hidden Menu as follows –

Open your Stylo 5 phone dialer and enter the code *#546368#*720#

Now, select the 3rd option i.e. “SVC Menu”.

Go to “Battery Test” > “Battery Information”.

Tick the check box “Battery Log Save On/Off”.

Check the Battery Health. In my case, the Battery health is “GOOD”.

Change your Stylo 5 battery if the Battery health is BAD.

Were you able to fix your LG Stylo 5? Please share your experience via the comment section below.

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