LG Stylo 5 FRP Bypass Android 10 no keyboard icon 2021 lm-q720

LG Stylo 5 is now updated to Android 10. After this new update, the old FRP bypass method doesn’t work anymore.

In this new method, a small keyboard icon is used to bypass the Google lock. Many users have reported, they don’t have this keyboard icon on their Stylo 5 keyboard.

So, we are going to use a new Bluetooth method to get past the FRP lock on Stylo 5 Android 10 as follows –


I was locked out on my Stylo 5 and I did a factory reset using the volume down + power button.

After the reset, I’ve landed on the “Welcome” screen.

Let’s tap the forward button to move ahead.


Now, we are going to connect our Stylo 5 to a Wifi network.


It’s now connected to the internet. The phone is checking for updates we need to wait for a few minutes.

The following screen is “Copy apps & data”. Hit “Don’t copy” to skip this step.


Now, I’ve reached the screen lock pattern verification page. I don’t remember the correct pattern. I’ll choose the 2nd option – “USE MY GOOGLE ACCOUNT INSTEAD”.

This time we are on the Google account verification screen. It’s asking to sign in with the previously synced Google account.

Let’s use the latest 2021 Bluetooth method to get past the FRP lock without a computer as follows –

How to bypass Google verification – FRP lock on LG Stylo 5 Android 10 without PC 2021 lm-q720



To bypass the Google lock we need a locked SIM card.

I’m using LG K51 to lock a MetroPCS sim card.

If using an LG phone –

Open the Settings app and tap “Search Settings”.


Enter the term SIM and choose “Set up SIM card lock” as shown above.

Now, enable the “Lock SIM Card” option.


It’s asking for the current SIM PIN. The default MetroPCS SIM PIN is 1234

Enter the PIN and hit “OK”.

The SIM card lock is now enabled.

Use a SIM ejector tool and place the locked SIM in its respective slot on your Stylo 5. You can refer to the above picture.


Now, check your LG Stylo 5 screen.

It’s asking for the SIM PIN.

Verify with the PIN code 1234

Now, there is a “Not Signed in” notification on the screen.

We need to swipe down the screen starting from “Not signed in” towards the bottom. Follow the arrow in the above screenshot. 


A few quick access icons appear on the top. Long-press the “Bluetooth icon”.

Now, turn on Bluetooth and bring a Bluetooth headset/earbud.


I’m using the “PTron Bassbuds Pro” earbuds.


Pair your Bluetooth device with LG Stylo 5.


Now, press the call button/touch area of the earbud for 2 seconds and leave it.

This will launch Google assistant on your Stylo 5 device.

Now, tap the microphone and say open settings


The voice command will bring you to the Settings app.

Now, choose “Fingerprints” and hit “Next”.

Now, we are on the “Select Screen Lock” page.

We are going to set up a new PIN, Pattern, or Password.

This new lock will replace the old screen lock.

Let’s add an easy-to-remember PIN 1234.



Enter the PIN twice and tap “OK”.

The screen lock has been changed. A confirmation text flashes on the screen.

We are all good. Now, let’s go back to the “Welcome” page and complete the setup wizard using this new PIN.


Keep going back until you reach the first page.




We are on the “Welcome” screen.

Hit the “Forward button” to move ahead.



Tap “Don’t copy” on the “Copy apps & data” page.

Now, we are on the “Verify PIN” screen.

Enter the PIN code 1234 and tap “OK”.

NOTE: If after clicking “Don’t copy” it skips the “Verify PIN” screen and directly takes you to the “Verify your account” page, you need to hard reset the phone using the volume down + power button. After the reset, you’ll get the PIN verification option. 




Use the “Skip” button to bypass Google account sign-in. We can add an account later.


The next screen is “Google Services”.

Accept Google services terms and conditions.


Tap “OK” when you reach the “Review additional apps” screen.

Finally, we have reached the last page of the setup wizard. Hit the “I agree” checkboxes and click “DONE”.


The Setup wizard is now complete. We have successfully landed on the LG Stylo 5 home screen thus bypassing the Google lock.

If stuck at any stage, feel free to leave a comment below.



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