LG Risio H343 Adoptable Storage – How to Enable

LG Risio H343 is nothing but LG Tribute 2. The only difference is its GSM, whereas Tribute 2 is CDMA. One more striking difference is that Risio is updated to Marshmallow, even though it was released after LS665.

Android 6.0 has 2 remarkable features called Doze and Adoptable Storage.

Doze is meant to increase the battery life in standby/sleep mode. It won’t activate with the screen on. While in standby, it hibernates every process, except the high priority ones such as calls and texts. In Risio I noticed the battery remained at 100% for a good amount of time after a full charge. Doze works out of the box without any input.

Adoptable storage is a long awaited android feature. It lets you use your external memory card as internal storage to install android apps. However, Lollipop user shouldn’t be disappointed. Apps can be installed to SD card even in LG Tribute 5, tribute 2 etc by rooting and doing few simple steps.

Adoptable Storage feature won’t be helpful for a majority of flagship devices which lack memory card slot.  But for budget androids, it’s a welcome feature. However, it’s surprising that LG has disabled this feature on all of its devices updated to marshmallow. The good thing is it can be enabled via ADB without root. I have followed this Reddit thread to enable this feature


How to Enable USB Debugging –

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Connect your phone to the PC via USB Data Cable . You’ve to allow access to your computer to proceed.

In marshmallow the phone prompts you to install the PC drivers on its own. If the LG Drivers are not installed in your computer you must let it install.

In the meanwhile, Go to Settings<About Phone<Software Info and Tap on Build Number several times.

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Keep on tapping “Build Number” till it says “You are now a developer!”

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From “Software Info” screen come 2 steps back i.e again on Settings Page

Now you can see “Developer Options” is visible.

Click on “Developer options”, scroll down and look for “USB Debugging” & enable it.

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One very important step is to allow access to your computer while in USB Debugging mode. Skipping this step will show your device as offline in ADB mode. Now that USB debugging is enabled, let’s proceed to next step.


How to Enable Adoptable Storage in LG Risio H343 –

The first step is to download and install “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” windows software. Download the zip file from below link. Extract it, install the .exe file and run the program.



First, we’ll  check whether the adb drivers are successfully installed or not. Type “adb devices” and press Enter

You should see your device model number i.e LGH343 in case of LG Risio


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