FRP Revvl V+ 5G Google Bypass MetroPCS TMobile 2023 Android 11

Revvl 6 & 6 Pro are the latest entrants in the T-Mobile Revvl series. The predecessor Revvl V+ 5G is still running on Android 11.

In this post, we are going to use a common method to bypass the Google account verification on all the Revvl Android 11 & 12 devices such as Revvl 4 plus, Revvl 5G, Revvl V, Revvl V+ 5G, Revvl 6 & Revvl 6 Pro.

So, let’s begin the troubleshooting –

I forgot the Revvl V+ 5G lock screen password. To bypass the lock screen I performed a factory reset via Recovery Mode.

After the reset, I reached the “Hi There” screen.

To begin the setup, click the “START” button.

In the next step, we are going to connect our device to the internet.

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T Mobile Revvl 4 Plus Google Bypass 5062z FRP lock 2022

T-Mobile Revvl 4, 4 Plus & Revvl 5G were launched at the same time in Mid-2020. In 2021, Revvl 4 Plus and 5G received the Android 11 update. Revvl 4 is still running on Android 10.

In this post, we are going to learn how to bypass the Google lock on all T-Mobile & MetroPCS Revvl Android 11 devices such as Revvl 4 Plus, Revvl 5G, and Revvl V+ 5G.

If your Revvl device is running on Android 10, please follow the below link –

T Mobile Revvl 4 FRP Bypass Android 10

The Google account verification is needed when you hard reset your Revvl device using the volume up + power buttons via Recovery mode.

Let’s use the latest and easiest 2022 method to reach the Revvl 4 plus home screen in less than 10 minutes –

I forgot the Revvl 4 Plus lock screen password. To bypass the lock screen I did a hard reset using the volume up + power buttons via Recovery Mode.

After the factory data reset, I’ve reached the “Hi There” screen.

Let’s click the “START” button to begin the device setup.

Now, connect your Revvl phone to a Wifi network.

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How to hard factory reset Revvl 4+ 5G V+ without Password,PIN,Pattern

All the latest Revvl models including V+,  5G & even the Revvl 4 Plus are now running on the Android 11 software.

In this post, we are going to learn how to factory reset a Revvl 4+ /5G running on Android 11 without the password/PIN code/Pattern lock.

To bypass the lock screen on Revvl 4/5G, you need to hard reset the phone via Recovery Mode. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to recover the phone without a reset. You’ll lose the internal storage data including pictures, videos, apps & other files during this process.

In a few minutes, you’ll be able to use your phone once again. S0, let’s begin the troubleshooting –

How to unlock/reset Revvl 4+/5G/V+  without password, PIN code, pattern lock

I’m stuck on the Revvl 4 Plus lock screen. I don’t remember the correct password.

We need to put our phone into Recovery mode using the volume up & power keys. Lets’ turn off the phone to enter Recovery Mode.


Long-press the power button and tap “Power off” to shut down the phone.


Once the phone is off, press & hold the volume up + power keys.

Release both the keys when the “Revvl 4+/Revvl 5G/Revvl V+  logo appears on the screen as shown above.


In the Recovery Mode, we need to use the volume rocker & power keys for navigation and selection respectively.

Use the volume button to Go down from “Reboot system now” to “Wipe data/factory reset” as shown above.

Now press the power button once.


To perform the factory data reset, move down from “Cancel” to “Factory data reset” with the volume down button.

Now tap the power key to reset your device. The hard reset will take a few minutes.

After the reset, we are on the “Hi There” screen.

Tap the “START” button to begin the device setup.

In the next step, we need to connect our Revvl 4/5G to a Wifi network.


The phone now stays on the “Getting your phone screen” for a while.

Afterward, we reach the “Copy apps & data page. Choose “Don’t copy” to proceed further.


It brings me to the screen lock verification page. As I don’t know the correct password I’ll choose the 2nd option “Use my Google account instead”.

This time we are on the Google account verification page. To get past this screen, we need to sign in with the previously synced Google account on this specific device.

Enter your Google account credentials and complete the setup wizard to reach the Revvl 4+/5G home screen.

In case you don’t remember the Google account details, follow the below hack to bypass the FRP lock without using a computer –

How to bypass Google account on Revvl 4+/5G/V+ on Android 11 without PC 2021



First of all, go back from the “Verify your account” screen to the first page of the setup wizard.

We are once again on the “Hi There” screen.

Click the “Emergency call” button to launch the phone dialer.



On the “Emergency Information” screen, hit the “pencil edit icon” as shown above.



Now, select “Name” and then touch the “Profile icon”.


A dropdown with 2 options appear on the screen. Click the lower option – “Choose an image”.

This will bring you to the “Recent” screen of the file manager app. Tap the “3 bar icon” at the top-left corner.

Now, long-press Drive to reach the “App Info” screen.

Click “Permissions” to proceed further.


We are now on the “App Permissions” page.

Hit the “search icon” at the top-right corner and enter the term settings in the search bar

When the search results appear, scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

Look for “Settings – App Info” with a blue circular icon and click on it.


On the following screen, click “Open” to launch the Settings app.



Scroll down on the Setting page and Go to “Accessibility” > “Accessibility Menu”.


Turn on the “Accessibility Menu Shortcut” & hit “ALLOW” when prompted.


The accessibility menu shortcut appears at the bottom-right corner. We are going to use it later.

Now, go 2 steps back to the Settings page.



This time open “Apps & notifications” and select the “App Info” option.


On the App Info page, we need to disable 2 apps – Android setup & Google play services.

Click on “Android Setup” and then tap “Force Stop” to disable this app.


Now, go back and disable the Google play services app.


Open “Google Play Services” and hit the “Disable” button.


Force Stop the app as well as shown above.


Now, long-press the power button and tap “Restart” to reboot the phone.


We are once again on the “Hi There” page.

Click “START’ to reach the “Copy Apps & data Screen”.

Now, tap the back button once to reach the “Connect to Wifi” page. 


We are now on the “Connect to Wifi” screen. There is a new option “Set up offline” at the bottom-left corner.

Click on “Set up offline” and then “CONTINUE”.


The phone stays on the “Just a Sec” screen.

Use the back button to reach the “Hi There” page.



Tap the “Accessibility Menu Shortcut icon” located in the bottom-right corner.

When the Menu appears on the screen, choose the first option “ASSISTANT”.


Click “Settings” to proceed further as shown above.

On the “App Info” page tap the “ENABLE” button to turn on the Google Play Services app.


Now, tap the back button to reach the first page.


Repeat the previous steps.

Hit the “START” button to reach the “Copy apps & data” screen.

Now, click the back button once to reach the “Connect to Wifi” page. 


Click “Set up offline” and then “CONTINUE”.

It directly brings us to the “Google Services” page. We have succesfully bypassed the Google account verification.

Now, accept the Google services terms and conditions.

“Skip” the Screen lock setup as of now. We can do it later.


Skip the face unlock setup as well.

Now, set up the automatic system update time to move ahead.



Finally, click “Finish” to complete the setup wizard.



We have successfully landed on the Revvl 4+ /5G/V+ home screen by doing a hard reset without the password.




Now, turn off the Accessibility menu shortcut.

Open the Settings app and choose “Accessibility”.


Open “Accessibility Menu” and tap the Accessibility Menu Shortcut button to disable it.


If stuck at any stage, feel free to leave a comment below.