LG Velvet 5G FRP Bypass Android 11 2021 2022 Google lock g900

LG Velvet 5G is among those few LG devices that are now updated to Android 11. Velvet 5G was released with Android 10 in Mid 2020.

After the new update, the old FRP bypass method doesn’t work. Now, we need a new hack to get past the Google lock on Velvet.

The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is similar to the iCloud lock on iPhone. If you’re locked out on your Velvet you need to hard reset the phone using the volume down + power keys. After the reset, you cannot complete the device setup without signing in to the previously synced Google account.

Let’s try to bypass the Google verification on LG Velvet with the help of the below troubleshooting guide –

After doing a hard factory reset on my LG Velvet 5G using the volume down + power keys, I’ve landed on the “Welcome” screen of the setup wizard.

Let’s hit the “Forward button” to proceed further.

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LG Wing/Velvet hard factory reset without password/with buttons

What are your options when you don’t remember the LG Wing/Velvet 5G password? To get past the lock screen you’ll try to factory reset the phone using the volume down + power keys.

To put your Wing/Velvet into Recovery Mode, you need to power off the phone. However, it doesn’t let you turn off/restart the phone unless you enter the correct screen lock Password/Pattern/PIN.

So, how to recover LG Wing/Velvet without the password? Let’s find out with the help of the below troubleshooting guide. In a few minutes, you’ll be using your phone once again.

How to factory reset LG Wing/Velvet 5G without Password/PIN/Pattern LMF100 LMG900

I don’t have the LG Wing password. I’ve forgotten it.

Now, to get past the lock screen, we need to hard reset the phone via recovery mode.

We need to power off the phone to enter recovery mode –

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LG Wing Velvet 5G lock screen bypass /forgot pin, pattern, password

While setting up a screen lock always make sure to note it down somewhere. We tend to forget the PIN/Pattern/Password especially when adding a new one that was never used before. Only after using it a few times, it sticks to our memory.

Now, what to do when you’re locked out on your LG Wing/Velvet 5G? Can you recover your phone without doing a factory reset?

Let’s see how to bypass the lock screen on LG Wing/Velvet using the below troubleshooting guide –

How to bypass LG Wing/Velvet 5G lock screen when locked out

I’m stuck on the LG Wing lock screen. I don’t remember the screen lock password.


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