LG Tribute Empire & Royal move apps to SD card

Both LG Tribute Empire & Royal are entry-level budget Android smartphones with a mere 16GB internal storage space. The system memory & pre-installed bloatware eats up more than half the storage space.

The actual usable space is less than 7 GB. On both Tribute Empire & Royal, we can increase the storage space with a Micro SD memory card. However, the apps and games still use internal memory.

To solve this problem, we can partition the SD card as internal storage. This feature is known as Adoptable storage. It’s turned off by default. We can enable it via USB Debugging.

Let’s see how to move apps to SD card and use it as internal storage on LG Tribute Empire & Royal –

How to move apps to SD card on LG Tribute Empire & Royal lm-x220pm lm-x320pm

Before moving ahead make sure to – 

  • Backup your internal storage data,
  • Use a high-speed Micro SD card. At least Class 10 should be used.
  • Keep the SD card inserted all the time to avoid app close errors.


First of all, we need to install the Micro SD on our LG Tribute Empire.

Remove the battery door as shown above.

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LG Tribute Royal Screen Mirroring / Cast to TV, Roku – lmx320pm

The latest LG Tribute Series Android Smartphone is named Royal. Being a Tribute Model it’s not that Royal but feels more premium than it’s predecessor, Tribute Empire. In this post, we are going to find ways to mirror Tribute Royal to the Big TV Screen.

The Mirroring can be done using an MHL / HDMI cable which works without an internet connection. The wireless screen sharing works using Miracast technology. The popular Miracast devices are Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV Stick, Mircosoft Display Adapter, Samsung Smart TV, etc.

Let’s try to Mirror / Cast the Tribute Royal screen via wired as well as wireless mirroring –

LG Tribute Royal MHL / HDMI Compatibility

lg tribute royal mhl compatible

MHL / Slimport / Hdmi compatibility has become a thing of the past. A few years ago Slimport was offered in many LG budget smartphones. I myself had LG Volt 2 Boost Mobile with Slimport support.

The wired mirroring is more stable, offers a better frame rate, and works without an internet connection.

Unfortunately, the LG Tribute Royal is not compatible with MHL / HDMI. We have to resort to wireless screen mirroring over a wifi connection.

Let’s check out how to do that –


LG Tribute Royal Screen Mirroring to Chromecast / Does LG Tribute Royal have Screen Mirroring?

For Screen Mirroring we have to turn on “Cast” and enable “wireless display mirroring”.

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LG Tribute Royal wireless charging / is it qi compatible – enabled ?

LG Tribute Royal is the latest Tribute device. It is an improvement from its predecessor especially with the 18:9 aspect ratio and a bigger display. Still, it leaves a lot to be desired. Tribute Royal lacks fast charging & still uses a Micro USB Port.

With Fast charging, you need to charge your phone less frequently. A phone with USB C is easier to charge with a symmetrical connector. Unlike Micro USB you can connect it in either direction.

Now, as Tribute Royal lacks USB C & Fast Charging, its in a dire need of Wireless Charging. In this post, we are going to learn how to make Tribute Royal Qi-compatible. So, Let’s proceed with the tutorial –

Does LG Tribute Royal have Wireless Charging? / Is LG Tribute Royal Qi-enabled?

lg tribute royal wireless charging

As even the newly launched LG Stylo 6 lacks wireless charging, we cannot expect this feature from an entry-level Tribute Royal.

However, if you’re adamant to enable this feature on Tribute Royal, you can do so quite easily –

lg tribute royal wireless charging

We only need a qi receiver and charging pad to make tribute royal qi enabled.  The above image shows a Wireless Charger Receiver.

lg tribute royal qi enabled

We have to insert the receiver’s pin into the Tribute royal’s charging port. The flap goes to the back of the phone.


wirless charging lg tribute royal

This is how it looks when attached to the charging port. Now our Tribute royal is qi enabled. We just need to place it on a charging pad.

lg tribute royal qi compatible

The back flap can be secured using a thin case.

The Nillkin receiver flap comes with a sticker. But this way your charging port will remain occupied.

does lg tribute royal have wireless charging

The above image shows the charging pad. We have to power it with a wall charger.

does the lg tribute royal support wireless charging

It uses a micro USB port. The other end of the micro USB cable goes to the ac adapter. There are many charging pads with USB C port as well.


qi charging lg tribute royal

I used a very cheap charging pad just to experiment. For practical use, you should get a better quality pad.

is lg tribute royal qi enabled

An orange light indicates it’s powered on.

is the lg tribute royal qi compatible

Now I’ve placed my tribute royal on the charging pad. It says battery fully charged. My phone battery is already at 100% but you can still notice the charging icon. The phone is charging wirelessly.

wireless charger for lg tribute empire

This the Tribute Royal home screen. You can see it at 100% battery level but still charging.


lg lm-x320pm wireless charging

The orange light turns blue when the phone is getting charged.  You can notice the charging pad’s Blue light in the dark.  lg lmx320pm wireless charging

This is the bottom view of the wireless charging arrangement.

The charging equipment I used is a very cheap one. I found it quite impractical for real-world usage due to its slow charging speed. It also makes a hissing noise while charging.

If you are really serious about qi charging on your tribute royal you should invest in a better pair of receiver and charging pad.

I have shortlisted some of the best selling and highly rated qi receivers and charging pads. You cannot go wrong with any of them.


Wireless Chargers for LG Tribute Royal

wireless charger receiver for lg tribute royal

Nillkin Qi receiver is the most popular wireless charger receiver.

Its connector is gold plated and scratch-resistant. The flap is extremely thin and can be stuck on the phone’s back.

It retails for around $14.99

qi recevier for lg tribute royal

One more popular qi receiver comes in gold color. It supports thin cases up to 5mm thickness.

You can have it for around $12.99


Along with the receiver we need a charging pad. Let’s choose the best charging pad for Tribute Royal.

best charging pad for lg tribute royal

The Yootech pad is the no 1 bestseller in the wireless charger category on amazon. It’s also an Amazon’ s choice product.

The sales package doesn’t include an ac adapter. It sells for around $11.95 at amazon.


lg tribute royal wireless charging stand

The next charging pad on our list is also from Yootech but in the form of a charging stand. This way you can even use your phone while charging.

It sells for a little higher price of around $13.99

qi wireless charger for tribute royal

After Yootech, the 2nd bestseller in the wireless charger category is the Anker charging pad.

Its Powerwave technology allows charging directly through a phone case with up to 5 mm thickness.

Anker wireless charger is cheaper than Yootech. You can grab it for around $9.49


wireless charging pad for lg tribute royal

The next wireless charger on our list is the exquisite Tozo charging pad.

It claims to be the slimmest wireless charger. It has got a unibody design made up of aluminum.

You can buy the Tozo charging pad for around $11.99


best wireless charger for lg tribute royal

The last wireless charger on our list is the Letscom charging pad.

It’s super slim with a thickness of just 0.3 inches. You can even put it inside your pocket.

The Lestcom charging pad is the cheapest among the lot. It sells for just $8.99


Please share your lg tribute royal wireless charging experience in the comment section below.