LG Tribute Empire Secret Codes LM-X220PM / Dynasty SP200 Dialer Codes

There is a huge list of Secret Dialer Codes for both LG Tribute Dynasty LM-X220PM & Tribute Empire SP200. Both Tribute Empire & Dynasty are available for Sprint, Boost Mobile & Virgin Mobile.

Except for the Hidden Menu Code, the rest of the dialer codes are common between the 2 models.

Let’s unveil the Secret Menus with the help of the screenshots and video as follows –

LG Tribute Empire & Dynasty Secret Dialer Codes – LM-X220PM / SP200

1. Data Menu (##DATA#) – LM-X220PM / SP200

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LG Tribute Empire Hidden Menu LMX220PM / Dynasty SP200 Hidden Menu

In this post, we are going to unlock the secret hidden menu on LG Tribute Empire & Tribute Dynasty. They share the same hidden menu but the dialer code is slightly different.

Hidden Menu offers lots of testing and troubleshooting options we can be used to test the device hardware & software in case of malfunctioning.

Let’s check out the Tribute Empire / Dynasty Hidden Menu using the below video & screenshots –

LG Tribute Empire LM-X220PM Hidden Menu / Tribute Dynasty SP200 Hidden Menu

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