LG Tribute Empire Screen Mirroring / Cast to TV lmx220pm

There is wired Screen Mirroring via MHL cable, Wireless Screen Mirroring & Screen Casting.



Is the LG Tribute Empire MHL compatible?

The old form of Screen Mirroring is using a wired connection without the need for Wi-Fi internet connection. For this to work, the device should be HDMI / MHL / Slimport compatible.

The bad news is that the Tribute Empire is not compatible with MHL. I cannot find an HDMI adapter that can mirror the Tribute Empire screen to a TV.

Does LG Tribute Empire have Screen Mirroring / Miracast?


For Wireless Screen Mirroring, we have to check whether the Tribute Empire is Miracast enabled or not.

Let’s search for the “Cast” option in Settings.

I couldn’t find  “Cast” anywhere on the LG Tribute Empire.

However, that doesn’t mean we cannot mirror our Tribute Empire Screen to TV.


Let’s check out the other ways to enable Screen Mirroring on Tribute Empire –

How to Screen Mirror on LG Tribute Empire

We can use Google Chromecast to mirror our phone screen on the TV.

It uses the Google Home app for Screen Mirroring.

Attach the Chromecast device to your TV.

It says to download the Google Home app on our phone.

Let’s download and install the Google Home app via the Play Store.

Open the app after installation is done.

Tap “Get Started” and add a Google Account to proceed further.


It’s looking for a nearby Chromecast device.

We need to give access to the Location services.

It has found a Chromecast device with id 5115.

Wait for it to establish a connection with the Chromecast.

Now, it says connected.

The TV screen shows a code S3N4


The phone also shows the same code. It’s the right Chromecast we are connecting to. Tap “Yes” to move ahead.

Set the Chromecast device location.

I’ve chosen my device location as “Office”.

At this time we have to choose the Wifi connection we are going to use with the Chromecast.


The Chromecast is connecting to the chosen Wifi network.

We are all done. The Office TV is ready.

Select your Chromecast device which is named “Office TV” in my case.

We can adjust the TV volume from this screen.

I’ve reduced the volume to 73%.

You can see the Volume bar on the TV screen.

Select “Cast my screen” and then “Cast Screen” to initiate Screen Mirroring.

The phone screen is mirrored to the TV Screen.

This is the Tribute Empire Home Screen on TV.


This is the Tribute Empire Software Information Screen.

My Tribute Empire is running on Android Oreo 8.1 and the Software version is X220Pm19a.

Let’s Mirror a Youtube Video to the TV Screen.

We also get the cast option on the Video Screen.

If we cast this video, the video will keep playing on the TV screen while we are doing something else on the phone screen.

Here is another Tribute Empire Bootloader Video being played on the TV screen.

Now let’s play a video stored in the Tribute Empire Video Gallery.


Here is another still from the video. We have to use the phone to control volume etc.

We also get an option to Dual Play on the Tribute Empire. This way we can do something else on the phone while the video is being played on the TV screen.

We can “Stop Mirroring” using the Google Home app as shown above.

LG Tribute Empire Screen Mirroring without Chromecast

What if you’ve some other Miracast Device other than Chromecast. It can Be Roku, FireStick, Microsoft Wireless Adapter, Samsung Smart TV, etc.

In such a case we have to rely on a 3rd party app for Screen Casting. Let’s see how to do this.

In Screen Casting, we have to connect our Tribute Empire and the Miracast Device to the same Wifi network.

I’ve connected my phone to the Home Wifi network.

The above picture shows the Firestick User Interface.


I’ve connected my Firestick to the Same “Home Wifi” network.

Web Video Caster – 

I’ve tried several Screen Mirroring / Casting apps and shortlisted 2 apps that are worth trying.

The first one is “Cast to TV XCast” and the other one is “Web Video Caster”.

You can get these apps from the Google Play Store.

Let’s start with “Web Video Caster”.

Launch the app and tap the “3 bar” icon on the top-left corner.

The option in the dropdown list is “Browser”. Let’s explore this.


We can search for videos over the web and stream it on our TV screen.

When on the video page, tap the small “Play” button located on the top as marked in the above screenshot.

This gives us the video list with different screen resolutions. Tap “videoplayback” to play this video on the TV screen.

It says, we have establish a connection at first.

Tap “Connect” and look for your device in the device list.

Tick your device and hit “DONE”.

It scanned the available devices.

My device is visible as “Philips’s Fire TV Stick”.  Select your device to establish the connection.

Now it’s loading the media on the TV screen.

We get the video control options on the app screen.


It hardly takes a second to load the video. It depends on your Wifi internet speed.

The video is being played on the TV screen.

The second option below the Browser is “Phone files”.

Using this option we can play the local media files store in the phone memory / SD Card.

I’m trying to play a documentary titled “Strange Animals of Asia”.

It’s loading the media on the TV screen.

The video has started playing.

This is a  Nat Geo Video.

Here is another still from the Video.

We can also play audio files stored on the device.

The MP3 file is being played on the TV screen.

Cast to TV – XCast – 

I found “Cast to TV”, more refined as compared to “Web Video Caster”.

Download and launch the “Cast to TV” app on your Tribute Empire.

As a first step, it scans for the available devices.

It has detected the “Philips’s Fire TV Stick”.

Tap on the device to establish a connection.

It says “Device is connected”.

Tap the “3 bar” icon for more options.

The first option in the dropdown list is “Video”.

This can be used to play video files stored on your Phone.

Let’s select a video file.

It buffers for a second and loads the video on the TV screen.

We get the control options on the phone screen.

Screen Mirroring is successful. There is a watermark on the video “Cast from XCast”.

Another still from the video.

Now Let’s try the “Web” option.

It lists popular video streaming apps in one place.

Let’s try the Youtube app.


On the Video page, we have to select the “Red Play Button” as shown above.

Now select the Video Resolution and wait for it to load on the TV screen.

The video has started playing on the big TV screen.

Another still showing backs of Tribute Empire & Dynasty.


Were you able to mirror your Tribute Empire screen to TV? Please share your experience via the comment section below.

Bypass Google Lock on LG Tribute Empire FRP lm-x220pm 2020

This is the latest FRP Bypass method for LG Tribute Empire. It works even if your LG Empire is running on the latest android Firmware X220PM19a with the Security Patch Level May 1, 2020.

In the earlier method, we used to bypass the Google Verification screen using the Switch Access option in Accessibility Settings.

In the recent Tribute Empire Software Update, the Switch Access option is removed. You can refer to the above screenshot.

This time we are going to use a newer method to get past the Google Lock screen.

As I was stuck on the lock screen on my Tribute Empire, I had to use the Volume UP & Power Button to Hard Reset the phone.

After the reset, I’m on the Welcome Screen as visible in the above screenshot.

I connected to my Wifi network and now I’m on the Copy apps and data page.


In the next step, I was asked to enter the Lock Screen Pattern or Google Account details.

You must be stuck on the above Verification Screen asking for a PIN, Pattern, Password, or the last synced Google Account details.

There is no need to worry. In a few minutes, you’ll be able to use your phone once again. So Let’s get going –

How to Bypass Google Verification on LG Tribute Empire LM-X220PM – 2020

For ease of understanding, we will divide the process into 4 STEPS –


First of all, power off your Tribute Empire using the power button located at the back of the phone.

Long press the power button, you’ll see the option to Power off the phone as shown above.


In the next step, we need another phone to lock a SIM Card.

I’m using LG K40 to lock a MetroPCS SIM – 

If using an LG Android phone, Go to Settings < General Tab < Lock Screen & Security < Set up SIM Card lock.


Tap on “Lock SIM Card”.

It asks for the current PIN. In the case of MetroPCS, the Default PIN is 1234

Enter the PIN. Now it says SIM card lock enabled.

You can use any phone to add a SIM Lock.

We have to insert this locked SIM in Tribute Empire.

lg tribute empire google account bypass

Get hold of the locked SIM and remove the Tribute Empire battery Door.

Place the SIM Card as per the above screenshot.


We are ready to turn on the Tribute Empire.

Use the power button to boot your phone.

Enter the SIM lock PIN i.e. 1234 and hit the “tick” icon.

Now, you will notice a notification on the screen “Not signed in”.

To unlock the screen, we have to slide the finger starting from this notification towards the bottom of the screen. 

Make sure not to unlock the screen by swiping in the upward direction.  We’ve to swipe from the center to the bottom of the screen as marked in the above screenshot.

If done in the right manner, you’ll see the notification panel on the top.

(If you fail to get this notification panel, restart the phone and try again)

Long-Press the “Bluetooth Icon”.

Now we are on the Bluetooth Page.

Turn on Bluetooth and send and image file from another device to the Tribute Empire.


I’m once again using LG K40 to send a picture via Bluetooth. 

You can refer to the above screenshots.

The file is being sent to the LG Tribute Empire.

We have to accept this File.

When the File Transfer pop-up appears on your Tribute Empire, tap “ACCEPT” to receive this image file.

Hit the “3 dots” icon on the top-right corner and select “Received files”.

The image file in my case is LG Aristo 3 Wallpaper. Tap the file to open it.

We have to open the file using the “Photos” app.

Give the Photos app the desired app permissions by hitting “ALLOW”.

Now tap the “Share Icon” to share this image file.

We’ve to use “Gmail” for file sharing.

On the Welcome to Gmail page, hit “SKIP” to move ahead.

Tap “Add an email address” to proceed further.

On the “Set up email” page, select the last option “Other”.

enter any email id and hit “NEXT”.

Now select the last option i.e Exchange as shown above.

On the next page, tap “SELECT”.

This brings a pop-up on the screen which says we need to change the screen lock to a secure one. Hit “CHANGE” to accept the request.

Now we are on the “Protect your phone” page –

Here we get to add a Pattern, PIN, or Password as the screen lock.

Add any of them as per your liking. Make sure it’s easy to remember.

I’m adding a 4 digit PIN lock as shown above.

It says “Screen lock has been changed”.

Now we are good to go back to the Welcome Screen.

Use the back button and keep moving back until you’re on the first screen of the setup wizard.

Use the forward arrow to move ahead.

Choose “Set up as new” on the “Copy apps & data” page.

Now, we are on the “Verify PIN” page. This time we know the screen lock PIN. We’ve to add the same PIN we added a few steps ago i.e. 1234


As we entered the correct screen PIN, we get the skip option on the Google sign-in page.

Hit the “Skip” option on the bottom-right corner.

On the name, page enter your name or just move ahead.


Accept Google Services Terms and Conditions as per the above screenshots.

Agree to the Legal Documents by ticking the respective checkboxes and hit “DONE” to finish the setup wizard.

We have successfully bypassed the Google Lock on LG Tribute Empire lm-x220pm.


If stuck at any point, feel free to ask a question using the comment section.


LG Tribute Empire Fortnite – LG Tribute Dynasty – Compatibility Test

Both the LG Tribute Empire & Dynasty comes with a Mediatek MT6750 1.5 GHz Octa-Core Processor & Mali T-860 GPU. It’s a mid-range processor and offers decent performance while gaming.

The most sought after games for every android smartphone are PUBG, Pokemon Go & Fortnite. In this post, we are going to download and install Fortnite on LG Tribute Empire / Dynasty.

Let’s check out if these 2 phones are compatible with Fortnite or not –

Fortnite for LG Tribute Empire/Dynasty – Is the LG Tribute Empire Compatible with Fortnite?


To download the Fornite apk we have to use the Mobile Browser.

I’m using the Chrome browser. I searched for the term “Fortnite Download” as shown above.

The first search result takes us to the official Epic Games website.

It says we can get Fornite on the Epic Games App.

Let’s download the Epic Games app.


Chrome asks for permission to download the files.



The EpicGamesApp.apk is downloaded.

Now, I’m installing the apk file.

The Epic Games installer is installed. Let’s open it.

Oh no. It’s bad news. It say’s “DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED”.

It requires Android Oreo and at least 4GB RAM. We’ve fulfilled one criterion but failed in the other.

Let’s try to install the modded Fortnite apk on Tribute Empire. It skips the device check.

LG Tribute Empire Fortnite Modded apk Installation

I’ve downloaded the Modded Fornite apk and I’m going to install it via the File Manager.


The apk file is “Fortnite_Latest-signed.apk”. I got this apk from the xda forums.

We have to enable “allow unknown apps” to proceed with the installation.

Unfortunately, the installer gives this error – “App not installed”.

I even uninstalled the Epic Games Installer, it still throws the same error.

We are out of luck. LG Tribute Empire & Dynasty are not compatible with Fortnite as of now.


Share your valuable thoughts via the comment section below.