LG Stylo 6 Android 11 update latest software version lm-q730

Will LG Stylo 6 get an Android 11 update? Today this question is even more relevant as it’s in the news that LG will stop making phones altogether in the coming months.

There are at least 10 different variants of LG Stylo 6 based on the different carriers.

The different Stylo 6 models are Boost Mobile lm-q730tm3, MetroPCS lmq730mm, Cricket Q730am, T-Mobile q730tmw, US Cellular q730qm0, Verizon q730vmw, Xfinity Mobile q730qm5, Spectrum q730qm6, Sprint q730tm3 & Factory Unlocked q730qm7.

They all were launched with Android 10 out of the box and are awaiting the Android 11 update.

In this post, we are going to update the Stylo 6 android version by installing the latest available software and also going to check the Android 11 update status. So let’s get going –

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LG Stylo 6 Black Screen /stuck on boot screen boost tmobile cricket

The black screen issue is quite common in Android smartphones. The black screen on your Stylo 6 can be due to a software or hardware issue.

In most cases, the black screen is the result of a bad LCD. However, a software glitch can also cause turn your screen black. Let’s find the root cause and try to fix our Stylo 6 as per the below troubleshooting guide –

How to fix LG Stylo 6 Black Screen


There can be 3 scenarios. Your phone turns on but the screen remains black. The screen keeps turning off every now and then. The phone is completely dead. It’s not turning on at all.

We need to make sure if the phone is on or off. Try ringing yourself from another phone. If your phone rings but the screen remains black then the phone is on.

You can also bring your phone to a dark environment and test the LCD. If it’s emitting light then the phone is on.

If your Stylo 6 is not turning on, please head over to the below troubleshooting guide –

LG Stylo 6 not turning on

Now, to fix the Stylo 6 black screen issue, let’s try the below troubleshooting steps –

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How to unlock LG Stylo 6 for any carrier free lm-q730

There are 10 different variants of LG Stylo 6 based on the different carriers.

The various Stylo 6 models are MetroPCS lm-q730mm, Boost Mobile lmq730tm, Cricket lmq730am, Factory Unlocked lmq730qm7, T-Mobile lmq730tmw, Verizon lmq730vmw, Spectrum lmq730qm6, Xfinity Mobile lmq730qm5, & US Cellular lmq730qm0.

Apart from the Factory unlocked variant, the rest are locked for their respective carriers. To use your Stylo 6 device with any GSM carrier worldwide, you need to unlock it first.

In this post, we are going to learn how to unlock LG Stylo 6 for free as per the below tutorial –

How to unlock LG Stylo 6 for free/ LG Stylo 6 Network Unlock Code Free – lmq730

The unlocking method varies from carrier to carrier. There are 2 ways to unlock a Stylo 6 device. You either need to use a unlock code or a device unlock app. Let’s check out the different ways of unlocking a Stylo 6 device –

Unlock LG Stylo 6 MetroPCS Free

I bought a used Stylo 6 MetroPCS from eBay. I tried to unlock it using the device unlock app. It got unlocked in one go. Let’s see how to do this  –

lg stylo 6 metropcs unlock free

Open the “Metro by T-Mobile” folder located on your Stylo 6 home screen.

In this folder, you’ll find an app named “Unlock”. Tap it to open.

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