LG Stylo 5 Developer Options & USB Debugging – how to turn on q720

There are more than 10 different variants of LG Stylo 5 in the USA. The various models are Stylo 5 Boost Mobile lm-q720ps, MetroPCS q720ms, T-Mobile q720tsw, Factory Unlocked q720qm, Spectrum mobile q720qm6, Xfinity mobile q720qm5, Verizon q720vsp, Tracfone l722dl, Cricket q720cs, Stylo 5 plus AT&T q720am & Stylo 5x Boost Mobile q720ts.

No matter which Stylo 5 do you have the procedure to enable USB debugging is the same. The USB Debugging allows you to connect your phone to the PC in ADB mode for debugging. By writing the ADB command we can unlock the Stylo 5 bootloader, use the adoptable storage feature to move apps to SD card, & disable the unnecessary bloatware.

Let’s how to turn on Developer Options & USB Debugging on LG Stylo 5 as follows –

How to turn on USB Debugging on LG Stylo 5 LMQ720

The USB Debugging option is found under “Developer Options” in the settings app.

By default, the Developer mode is kept hidden. So, to turn on USB debugging, first, we need to enable “Developer Options”.

Open the Settings app located on your LG Stylo 5 home screen as shown above.

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How to unlock LG Stylo 5 for free -Boost, Cricket, Metro lm-q720

LG Stylo 5 is a very popular mid-range smartphone in the USA. It has got more than 10 variants based on different carriers.

Apart from the factory unlocked & Verizon version, the rest of the Stylo 5 models are locked to their respective carriers.

Not every Stylo 5 can be unlocked with an unlock code. The few models use a device unlock app and some are unlocked remotely via the carrier. Let’s find out the different methods of unlocking with the help of the below tutorial.

I was able to permanently unlock my LG Stylo 5 MetroPCS for free. Try to below procedure to use your Stylo 5 with any GSM carrier worldwide –

Unlock LG Stylo 5 MetroPCS lm-q720ms Free

First of all, we need to open the “Metro by T-Mobile” folder located on the Stylo 5 home screen.

In the folder, you’ll find an “Unlock” app as shown above. Launch this app.

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LG Stylo 5 Screen Mirroring without Chromecast /Cast to Roku TV

A few years ago, a lot of Android devices offered a lag-free wired screen mirroring with the help of an MHL adapter. The best part is that wired mirroring works without Wifi. At one time even the budget LG phones offered Slimport/HDMI support such as LG Volt 2.

However, nowadays the HDMI ALT mode or USB-C to HDMI support is offered only on high-end smartphones. Being a mid-ranger LG Stylo 5 lacks HDMI ALT mode support.

So, how to mirror LG Stylo 5 screen to the TV?

For wireless screen mirroring, the phone should offer Miracast support. Let’s find out whether the Stylo 5 is Miracast enabled or not –

Does LG Stylo 5 have Screen Mirroring?

LG Stylo 5 screen mirroring

For Screen Mirroring the phone should be Miracast enabled. Let’s see if can find an option related to the screen mirroring or casting on LG Stylo 5.

Let’s search for it in the Settings app.

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