LG Stylo 5 Screen Mirroring without Chromecast /Cast to Roku TV

A few years ago, a lot of Android devices offered a lag-free wired screen mirroring with the help of an MHL adapter. The best part is that wired mirroring works without Wifi. At one time even the budget LG phones offered Slimport/HDMI support such as LG Volt 2.

However, nowadays the HDMI ALT mode or USB-C to HDMI support is offered only on high-end smartphones. Being a mid-ranger LG Stylo 5 lacks HDMI ALT mode support.

So, how to mirror LG Stylo 5 screen to the TV?

For wireless screen mirroring, the phone should offer Miracast support. Let’s find out whether the Stylo 5 is Miracast enabled or not –

Does LG Stylo 5 have Screen Mirroring?

LG Stylo 5 screen mirroring

For Screen Mirroring the phone should be Miracast enabled. Let’s see if can find an option related to the screen mirroring or casting on LG Stylo 5.

Let’s search for it in the Settings app.

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LG Stylo 5 Secret Codes / Hidden Dialer Codes lm-q720

There are 10 different variants of LG Stylo 5 based on different carriers. The secret dialer codes vary from carrier to carrier.

The 10 different LG Stylo 5 models are lm-q720ps Boost Mobile/Sprint, q720ms MetroPCS, q720tsw T-Mobile, q720ts Stylo 5x Boost Mobile, Stylo 5 Plus At&t lmq720am, Factory Unlocked lmq720qm, Spectrum Mobile q720qm6, Xfinity Mobile q720qm5, Verizon lmq720vsp & Tracfone/Straight Talk l722dl.

In this post, we are going to find out all the hidden secret codes for different Stylo 5 variants. Let’ start with the Boost Stylo 5 –

LG Stylo 5 q720ps & 5x q720ts Boost Mobile/Sprint Secret Codes

Below are the 13 working secret codes for LG Stylo 5 Boost Mobile –

To dial a secret code, you need to open the phone dialer located on the home screen.

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LG Stylo 5 Root, Bootloader Unlock, TWRP & Custom ROM – lmq720

With every passing day, the rooting process on Android is getting tougher. At one time, we use to root our phones in one click without using a computer.

I rooted my LG Tribute 5 even without unlocking the bootloader. It’s not possible anymore.

Nowadays, to root any android smartphone, we need to unlock the bootloader, flash a custom recovery such as TWRP and then we can flash a flashable supersu or Magisk zip file via TWRP to get root access. I rooted my LG Stylo 3 plus in the same manner.

Let’s try to root the LG Stylo 5 using the above procedure –

How to root LG Stylo 5 lm-q720ps Boost Mobile, q720ms MetroPCS, q720cs Cricket q720ts T-Mobile

First of all, we need to turn on “OEM Unlock” & “USB Debugging”. Both these settings are found in the “Developer Options”.

Let’s open the Settings app and select the “General” tab. Now scroll down and choose “Developer options”.

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