LG Stylo 5 Developer Options & USB Debugging – how to turn on q720

There are more than 10 different variants of LG Stylo 5 in the USA. The various models are Stylo 5 Boost Mobile lm-q720ps, MetroPCS q720ms, T-Mobile q720tsw, Factory Unlocked q720qm, Spectrum mobile q720qm6, Xfinity mobile q720qm5, Verizon q720vsp, Tracfone l722dl, Cricket q720cs, Stylo 5 plus AT&T q720am & Stylo 5x Boost Mobile q720ts.

No matter which Stylo 5 do you have the procedure to enable USB debugging is the same. The USB Debugging allows you to connect your phone to the PC in ADB mode for debugging. By writing the ADB command we can unlock the Stylo 5 bootloader, use the adoptable storage feature to move apps to SD card, & disable the unnecessary bloatware.

Let’s how to turn on Developer Options & USB Debugging on LG Stylo 5 as follows –

How to turn on USB Debugging on LG Stylo 5 LMQ720

The USB Debugging option is found under “Developer Options” in the settings app.

By default, the Developer mode is kept hidden. So, to turn on USB debugging, first, we need to enable “Developer Options”.

Open the Settings app located on your LG Stylo 5 home screen as shown above.

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LG Stylo 5 Bypass Pattern, Screen Lock- Forgot Password,PIN 2022

What are your options when locked out on LG Stylo 5 in 2022 after the Android 10 update?

If you’ve forgotten the lock screen Pattern/PIN/password on Stylo 5 you cannot bypass the lock screen without a reset. To reset the device you need to enter Recovery Mode. However, it doesn’t let you turn off the phone until you unlock the screen.

So, how to bypass the screen lock and reach the home screen on LG Stylo 5? Let’s find out with the help of the below troubleshooting guide –

How to bypass screen lock Password/Pattern/PIN on LG Stylo 5 Android 10 in 2022

I’m stuck on the pattern lock screen on my LG Stylo 5 Android 10. I don’t remember the correct pattern.

To bypass the pattern lock, we need to enter the recovery mode to hard reset our Stylo 5. It’s not possible to recover the phone without a reset.

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LG Stylo 5 secure startup bypass android 10 2022 locked out q720


LG Stylo 5 is now updated to Android 10. The secure-startup option is found on LG phones running on Android 9 & below. As Stylo 5 was launched with Android 9 the secure startup option remains even after the Android 10 update.

It adds an added layer of security over the regular screen lock. As the name suggests, it gets activated on every restart. After the device start-up, you won’t receive any calls, messages & notifications until you unlock the secure startup screen with the correct PIN/Pattern/Password.

There are 2 ways to bypass the secure startup, either you need to exhaust the 30 attempts or you can hard reset the phone via recovery mode.

Let’s see how to reach the LG Stylo 5 home screen when stuck on Secure-startup –

How to bypass Secure Startup on LG Stylo 5 – Forgot PIN/Pattern/Password – Locked Out lm-q720

I’m stuck on the LG Stylo 5 secure startup pattern lock screen.

I do not remember the correct pattern lock. It shows 30 attempts remaining.

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