LG Tribute HD LS676 & Tribute 5 LS675 Hidden Menu Boost Mobile

tribute hd gps bluetooth wifi test

Keep the Bluetooth in a nearby device on and visible before starting this test.

Similarly, a known Wifi network should be available for testing.

After successful completion, Long Press the power button and click on “PASS” or “FAIL” based on the test result.


9. Touch Draw Test – Manual 

tribute hd touch panel test

In the Touchscreen test, initially, the touch panel is tested on its own without touching the LCD.

You can see it has passed the test.

tribute hd manual touch screen test

Later on, we can manually draw on the screen to test if the digitizer is working properly.

Long Press the power button. Click on “PASS” or “FAIL” based on your test result.

10. Camera ( Main ) Test –

tribute hd main camera test

In the Camera test, touch anywhere on the viewfinder to click a picture.

Verify the picture and “PASS” or “FAIL” accordingly.

11. Camcorder Test – 

tribute hd camcorder test

There is a separate test for Camcorder.

In this test, it automatically starts recording a video for 5 secs and stops on its own.

Play the video to verify it.  “PASS” or “FAIL” and move on to next test.

12. Camera (Front ) Test –

lg tribute hd front camera test

In the front camera test, you’re not allowed to take a picture.

Only the viewfinder is available. If the viewfinder is depicting the front view properly, “PASS” the test and move on.

13. FM Radio Test – 

tribute hd fm radio test

Connect an earphone, in the headphone jack before doing FM Radio test.

Long Press the power button. Click on “PASS” or “FAIL” based on your test result.

Service Menu – Test Result

tribute hd device test results

After completing all the tests we’ll go back to the previous screen

Here we can take a look at the Test Result.

Tap on “Service Menu – Test Result”

As in my case, all the tests have passed successfully, it is showing Pass against each Test.

Swipe the top bar towards the right to exit this screen.


tribute hd service menu result

Now that we’ve completed the Device Test successfully, we’ll go back to the Hidden Menu by hitting the back key.

Hidden Menu – ELT Test


ELT Test Automatic Mode – 

tribute hd elt automatic test

In hidden menu, the second test is ELT Test.

I found it similar to the previous test but more time-consuming.

There are 2 modes, automatic and manual.

To start the automatic test I’ve selected the first option i.e. “1 time”. Click on “Test Start” to begin the process.


tribute hd elt manual test

This test takes a lot of time so I’ve interrupted it in between.

Let’s proceed with the ELT test in manual mode.

ELT Test Manual Mode – 

In manual mode, the first test is LCD backlight test. I did it already in automatic mode so I’m starting with “Ringtone” test.

It tests the external speaker of the phone. The ringtone keeps on playing for 15 min at the highest volume.

The rest of the tests are also similar to the “Device Test” done before. So Let’s skip them and move on to the next option in the hidden menu.


Hidden Menu – Factory Reset

tribute hd hidden menu factory reset

Go back from ELT test screen until you’re on the Hidden Menu Page as shown above.

tribute hd hidden menu factory reset

The next option is to perform a factory data reset. We can do this from the Phone Settings itself. Its the one and the same thing.

Now again go back to the Hidden Menu Page


Hidden Menu – Log Service

tribute hd hidden menu log service

The next option is Log Service.

You can enable or disable logs. The log can also be copied a sd card.

Log service is useful for Android Developers.

The last option is the Hidden Menu is “WVDRM keybox”. It does nothing when clicked.


Hidden Menu is just one of the Dialer Codes. There are 8 more secret dialer codes for LG Tribute HD.


For any query feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. I was zv4. Unlocked the phone thru some 3rd party service for a fee. Had to use the hidden menu to add the apn and worked great on tmobile. As it was on wifi, it downloaded zv5 and keep asking me to upgrade. Did not want to do it for obvious reasons. Signed into google account and the update went on automatically. It basically locked itself back as it does not recognize my tmobile sim and i cannot access the hidden menu anymore to add apn. I am fuming. What a bunch of crap lg and boost, ghetto along with sprint. Can i downgrade to zv3? I hate this phone to go into the garbage as i will never use sprint or boost.

  2. I need help unblocking my LG Tribute HD through boost mobile.. I wanna go through a different plan and I need help. Please boost or someone.

    Thank you,

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