LG Tribute Empire FRP Bypass 2019 – LMX220PM google account bypass no pc no apk

STEP 2: Launching Contacts app using Google Maps 

lg tribute empire frp bypass no computer

Erase the search term “maps” from the search bar.

Now, a new icon “GO” would appear at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on it.

We’ve to choose a starting point and destination in the next step.

tribute empire frp bypass no pc

Choose “Your location” as the starting point.

A pop-up request would appear to turn on the device location. Tap “OK” to turn on Google location services.

Choose a nearby place from your location as the destination.

bypass google account lg tribute empire

After finalizing your starting point & destination tap “START” to initiate the Google Maps navigation service.

how to bypass google account on lg tribute empire

In this step, we’ve to launch the Google app using voice navigation.

Tap the “mic” icon at the top right corner and say “open google”

If done correctly, it would take us to the Google app page as shown in the last screenshot above.

Drag down the maps window at the bottom right corner to hide it.

frp bypass lmx220pm

In the Google search bar type “contacts” and select the last option from the dropdown i.e “Contacts”.

This would take us to the “Contacts” app.

Now tap the “3 dots” menu icon at the top right corner.


STEP 3: Using Contacts app to add a Google Account 

lg tribute empire sprint frp bypass

Select ” Contacts settings” from the dropdown menu.

Look for “Online search” and tap on it to open.

We need to add an email account for the online search.  Tap “ADD” to add an account.

lg tribute empire boost mobile frp bypass

Enter any email address in the email address field just to enable the “MANUAL SETUP” option.

Now, tap “MANUAL SETUP” it would take us to the “Server settings” page.



lg tribute empire vigin mobile frp bypass

On the Server settings page, Scroll down to the bottom of the page tap “Add” option in front of “Client certificate”.

To add a client certificate we need to add a secure screen lock such as a pin pattern or password.

Tap “CHANGE” on the pop-up request to set a screen lock.

Let’s set an easy to remember pin lock.


lg tribute empire lm-x220pm frp bypass

I’ve set a pin lock as 1234

lg tribute empire frp bypass 2020

After setting the screen lock, a pop-up would appear with the message “No certificates found”.

At this point, we’re done we the contacts app and we need to exit it.


lg tribute empire google bypass 2020

Keep on going back slowly until you’re just out of the contacts app.

lg tribute empire google bypass 2020

Now, we’re out of the contacts app and back on google search bar page.

Erase “contacts” from the search bar and type Play Store.

Select the last option from the dropdown to open the “Play Store” app.

Before getting access to google play store, we need to enter the PIN we set in the previous step.

Enter the PIN and tap “OK”.

frp bypass 2020 lg tribute empire

At this step, we can add any google account to get access to the play store. It doesn’t have to be the last synced google account.

Enter your email id and password to sign in.


lmx220pm frp bypass 2020

You can see I’ve successfully added my Gmail account lgtributeii@gmail.com.

Now, we’ve to reboot the phone and complete the Setup Wizard to get access to the LG Tribute Empire Home Screen.

Tap the power button and select “Power off and restart” to reboot the phone.

STEP 4: Rebooting the phone and completing the Setup Wizard

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