LG Tribute 5 LS675 APN Settings

Now as we’re replacing the apn file, we’ve to overwrite the existing file

We’ve to restore the “Permissions” as before

To do this, Long Press the apns-conf.xml file and select “Permissions”

13 14 15

Check the boxes as shown in the first screenshot above. The Octal value should be 0644. Select OK

Restart Phone

Open Phone dialer and dial ##3282#

16 17 18

Select “APN Settings”

Click on “3 dot icon” on top left corner and select “Reset to default”

Now insert your GSM sim and go to Settings<More<Mobile Networks<APN Settings.

The apn settings of your GSM sim should be visible. Select it and start using cell phone data.

Please let me know if this has worked for you or not via the comment section below.


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19 thoughts on “LG Tribute 5 LS675 APN Settings

  1. hello… am from cameroon…. got an LG Tribute 5 ls675 phone.. with moble calls and text messaging going through but i can’t have internet access through mobile data.. I tried this tutorial successfully yet still no solution to that… is there a step i missed or another solution to this???

  2. salut
    la méthode fonctionne mais sauf que je n’arrive pas à sélectionner l’APN de mon pays. le champ est toujours gris donc je n’arrive pas à cocher sur l’icône. résultat: il n’ y a que sur watsap que je parviens à me connecter.
    que faire???

  3. Friends first root ur lg tribute 5 with kingroot older version. Then follow above procedure. Than go to dialer and press ##3282#. Than go to apn settings and 2 to 4 times press internet. Than press three dots on upper right corner. And press restore to default. Enjoy. ur apn will set automatically.
    Note:ur phone must be in network.

  4. I can’t access internet on my Lg ls 675 even though I’m able to go internet over Wi-Fi connection. data connection on but doesn’t connect. pls help.

  5. Use shortcut master and search for apn. Find hidden file for editing apn and get it btw i rooted and unlocked and now have att from boost lg trib5 WITHOUT PASTING NODE.DB AND NODE.DB.JOURNAL. GO FIGURE

  6. Guys you can fix the apn setting if you just, goto root browser app and open system folder then open build prop and change the capital SPR to small spr. you can find the ”SPR” after an equal sign… you have to focus to find it. This will also unlock the network lock.

  7. Bonjour a tous, juste pour vous dire merci pour les informations que vous avez mise en notre disposition. J’essayais vos méthodes et c’était un grand succès.

  8. Once in a while, you come across people online who knows what they are doing and willing to help, I thank you for creating this blog about tribute 5 and rescuing me. I already bricked my phone, with security error #9 Authentication failure. I followed your insctructions and straight issue was resolved. Thank you very much for a good job.

  9. APN option in Access point names are still gray , we cannot select and chang it , so now i seen 3g but data still not works as we not able select apn

  10. Hello

    I seen after all step Local APN setting , but still not have option for Edit APN

    please contact me on skype mohsinraza1983

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