LG Tribute HD LS676 ZV3 Stock ROM / Firmware Unbrick Guide

At one time getting a Stock ROM for LG smartphones was an easy task. I got it many times from LG’s official website. Today LG doesn’t have, even a PC Suite program to restore the phone back to factory state. If your phone gets bricked you have to keep on searching all over the net for the stock firmware. People have even started charging for it.

I was looking for Tribute HD Stock ROM since a long time. I found it on few websites for a fee. Only recently I got it for free. Thanks to SickySticky @ XDA Forums for sharing this ROM.

I would suggest you flash your phone with this stock firmware only if you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting steps.
Small issues can be addressed with a factory data reset. If the phone is not turning on then your last resort is flashing.  However, flashing can be done only if the phone is soft bricked i.e it can boot in download mode.

If it’s completely dead, then the issue may be with battery, charging port or motherboard.

Even if you Tribute HD is working fine today, you should have the stock firmware handy for an adverse situation. To get going Let’s download the necessary files from below download link –


tribute hd stock firmware download


Save the downloaded files in your computer. It contains LG USB Driver, LGUP DLL setup files for Tribute HD LS676 and LGUP setup file. Install all of these.


tribute hd usb mobile driver


If you’re installing LG USB driver in your computer for the first time. Install it, connect your phone via USB data cable and let the drivers install on its own.


lg tribute hd ls676 dll

Now install LGUP DLL for Tribute HD. This file is specific to LS676 and may not work with other LG models.


lgup tribute hd

And finally, install LGUP. This is the main software for flashing the Tribute HD stock firmware.

Don’t run LGUP after installation. It won’t work until the time you connect your phone to the computer in download mode.

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LG Tribute HD LS676 Bypass Google Account FRP Latest Zv6 Update

UPDATE – October 2017 Latest Google FRP Bypass Solution for Tribute HD running on ZV6 Firmware.

Google’s “factory reset protection” (FRP) comes in place only when you perform a Hard reset via recovery mode. If you reset the phone via phone’s system settings you don’t have to enter Google account username and password.

Google has incorporated this security feature to make the stolen phone unusable for thieves. However, it is very much possible that you the owner of the device, has forgotten the Google account details and now stuck with a locked device. Google FRP is similar to icloud lock but not that stringent. Every now and then a hack gets released to bypass Google account. Then a new Android update with security patch is released to block the loophole.

The below method works for LG Tribute HD’s latest LS676 Zv6 firmware.

The procedure is easy to follow. Let’s proceed to bypass google account –

How to Bypass LG Tribute HD Google Account running on the latest ZV6 firmware.


tribute hd frp bypass

After doing a Hard Reset from recovery mode I landed to the First screen of Setup Wizard i.e Accessibility Settings Page

After language selection, i connected the Tribute HD to  MOTO E2 Wifi hotspot as shown above.

tribute hd stuck on configuring your phone

As I’ve not activated the Tribute HD yet, I was stuck on “Configuring your phone” screen.

After waiting for some time a popup appeared as shown in the 2nd screenshot above.

I clicked on the “Back” arrow and I got the option to skip this screen.

Alternatively, we can press all the 3 buttons, i.e volume up, volume down and power key simultaneously to get this “SKIP” option.

tribute hd bypass google account

Now I’m stuck on the Google account page and this tutorial is all about how to bypass this screen

The first step is to move all the way back to the first page of Setup Wizard i.e “Accessibility Settings” Page


tribute hd google bypass zv6

Now that you’re on the first page of “Setup Wizard” Click on “Accessibility Settings”.

Go to Vision < Voice Notifications

tribute hd frp bypass 2017

Now select “Voice notifications language”

Click on “Settings” Icon as shown in the screenshot above, and select “Settings for Google Text-to-speech Engine”

ls676 frp bypass

On “Google TTS options” page select the last option i.e Feedback

Here you can see 3 web page links, “Legal help page”, “privacy policy” and “terms of service”

Click on any link. The idea is to open “Chrome” with this link.

Run Chrome by clicking on “Accept and Continue”.


tribute hd frp bypass latest update

In the address bar type google.com to open google homepage.

Now click on “Terms” at the bottom of the page.


tribute hd google bypass no app

On this page click on any text and long press it to get more options

Now select the “3 dots” icon as shown above

And click on “ASSIST” to open Google assist page as shown in the last screenshot above.


Select “No THANKS” to proceed

tribute hd easiest frp bypass

In the search bar type set and you’ll see “Settings” in the list, click on it to open Settings Page.

Go to “General” Tab, scroll down to “Apps” and open it

lg ls676 google account bypass

Click on the “3 dots” icon on top right corner and select “Show System”

Now scroll down and look for “Google Play Services”

We’ve to Force Stop & Disable “Google Play Services”.

ls676 frp bypass 2017

Click on “Force stop” and accept the warning to Stop it.

Now click on “Disable”. Again accept the warning and proceed.

how to bypass google account on tribute hd

Now go one step back to App list and look for “Setup Wizard” with “Green android” icon as shown above.


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