LG Tribute HD Screen Overlay Detected – How to Turn OFF / Fix

Android marshmallow has a feature which allows an app to draw (overlay) over another app. For example, i installed a health app called twilight on my LG Tribute HD, which changes the background color to reduce eye strain and to get a good sleep. So, as I allow it to draw over other apps, it works in the background along with any other running app.

While Twilight was running, I tried to install and run another app called “Floating Apps”. Floating apps also need permission to draw over other apps. The overlapping of 2 apps requiring screen overlay access resulted in this error “Screen Overlay Detected”.

However, this a temporary issue and can be fixed by temporarily turning off screen overlay access for “Twilight”(or some other background app in your case). Once the installation & setup of “Floating apps” is complete we can turn on screen overlay access for “Twilight”.

Let’s see how to do this with the help of below screenshots –

 How to Turn OFF Screen Overlay on LG Tribute HD

You can see I’m in the process of completing the setup of a newly installed App (Floating Apps)

Its stuck at a point, where I’ve to grant permission to “Enable drawing over other apps”.

You can see the Error pop-up “Screen Overlay Detected”.

The error is due to the  “Twilight” app running in the background as visible in the notification bar.

So we’ve to temporarily turn off the screen overlay access for Twilight app, by tapping on “OPEN SETTINGS” as shown above.

From the list of apps, I selected “Twilight” and turned off screen overlay i.e “Permit drawing over other apps”.

Now I went back to the “Floating Apps” setup and I was able to complete the setup without any interruption.

“Enable drawing over other apps” permission is granted and I can move ahead.

Now, we can again Turn ON Screen overlay for Twilight. There won’t be any more interference between Twilight & Floating Apps.

To do this go to Settings < Apps.


Open “Apps” and hit the “3 dots” icon on top right corner.

Tap on “Configure Apps” to open it.

Select “Draw over other apps”

Scroll down to “Twilight” and open it.

Tap “Permit Drawing over other apps” to turn on Screen Overlay for Twilight.


In my case, “Screen Overlay Detected” error was due to the Twilight app. You’ve to detect which app is running in the background and do the needful.

If facing any issue, feel free to leave a comment below.

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LG Tribute HD Double Tap / Knock On Not Working – How to Fix

The double tap to wake/sleep (Knock On/OFF)  feature was first introduced by LG when it started making phones with the power button on the back. As this rear placement took time getting used to, a double tap to wake up/sleep made the use of power button less frequent.

I remember getting used to double tap on LG G2 so much that I kept on tapping every other phone, before realizing that I’ve to use the power key to wake it. We get so used to double tap, that if it stops working it gets quite frustrating. And the bad thing is that this issue is quite common.

So if Knock On has stopped working on your LG Tribute HD, let’s see how to fix it –


LG Tribute HD Double Tap ( Knock ON/OFF) not Working –

Usually, the double tap stops working if there’s an issue with the touchscreen or proximity sensor. We can troubleshoot and check whether the touchscreen and proximity sensor are working fine with the help of LG Tribute HD Hidden Menu –

LG Tribute HD Proximity Sensor Troubleshooting –

LG Tribute HD Proximity Sensor Location

The proximity sensor is located beside the front camera as shown in the picture above.

If we block the proximity sensor, double tap doesn’t work. So first of all, you should check if your screen guard or phone case is blocking the proximity sensor. If still, the issue persists move on to proximity sensor test.

LG Tribute HD Hidden Menu

We’ll do the proximity sensor test and touchscreen test via Tribute HD Hidden Menu.

To enter the hidden menu, open the phone dialer and dial 5689#*676# .

Click on the first option i.e “Device Test”, then select “SAAT”

LG Tribute HD Proximity Sensor Troubleshooting

This will take you to Service Menu, We’ve to select “Service Menu – Manual Test”

The 2nd manual test in the list is “Key Press Test”. Tap on it to start the test.

It tests Proximity Sensor as well as the Hardware Keys.

First, press the hardware keys i.e pressing volume up (twice), volume down (twice) and power button (once).

LG Tribute HD Proximity Sensor Test

When the keys are tested “UP”, “DOWN”& “END” blocks will change from white to yellow as shown above.

Now block the proximity sensor by hand, if the color changes from blue to red, that means the sensor is working fine.

If you’ve failed the proximity sensor test, the sensor needs a replacement.

If you’ve passed this test then we’ve to check if the touchscreen is failing the double tap.

LG Tribute HD Touch Screen troubleshooting – 

LG Tribute HD Touch Panel Test

After “Keypress Test” we’ve to scroll down to “Touch Draw Test – Manual”

Wait for Touch Panel Test to complete without touching the LCD.

LG Tribute HD Touch Screen Troubleshooting

Check if the test result is true or false.

Next, we’ve to manually draw and test the touchscreen. Test every nook and corner by hand drawing.

Long press the power key, select PASS or FAIL based on your test result.

If the touchscreen has failed the test, it needs a replacement.

If your touch is also working fine but double tap not working, then the issue may be software related.

Perform a Factory Data Reset following the below steps and check if your issue is resolved.

LG Tribute HD Factory Data Reset –

LG Tribute HD Factory Data Reset

To reset Tribute HD, Go to Settings < Backup & Reset < Factory Data Reset as shown above.

LG Tribute HD Hard Reset

After the factory reset completes, the phone will reboot to setup wizard screen.

Complete the setup wizard and check if the double tap has started working. If it’s still not working then the only solution left is to get it repaired with a replacement LCD from eBay or send it to boost mobile for repair/replacement, if within warranty.

Please keep me informed if you’ve managed to fix this issue, via the comment section below.







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