LG Tribute Empire FRP Bypass 2019 – LMX220PM google account bypass no pc no apk

In this post, I’m going to share the latest and easiest hack to bypass google verification on LG Tribute Empire LMX220PM.

This bypass process can be done without connecting the phone to a computer and without the hassle of installing any app.

It should work with other LG phones running on Android Oreo as well. You can give it a try.

Without further ado, Let’s start the bypass process –

How to bypass Google Verification on LG Tribute Empire LMX220PM

Google’s Factory Reset Protection gets activated on doing a factory data reset using hard keys i.e Volume UP & Power Key on LG Tribute Empire.  If your phone was locked with a pattern, pin or password you can enter it as well to bypass the Factory Reset Protection screen.

LG Tribute Empire Google Lock

You can see I’m stuck on Google verification screen and I need to enter the pattern lock or the last synced Google account on this device.  We need to get past this screen using a hack.

Let’s divide the whole process into 4 steps to make it easier

STEP 1: Launching Google Maps using Accessibility Settings 



LG Tribute Empire FRP Bypass

From the google verification screen, go back until you’re on the Welcome screen of the setup wizard

Hit “Accessibility”, a pop-up would appear to confirm your action, tap “SETTINGS” to proceed further.

On the Accessibility page, select the first option i.e “Vision”.

LMX220PM FRP Bypass

We need to turn on Talkback. Slide the toggle towards the right to turn on Talkback

Accept the warning pop-up by tapping “TURN ON”

Now make an L on screen by swiping your finger. You can see the last screenshot above for reference.

This would launch the “Global Context Menu”

LG Tribute Empire Google Bypass

In “Global Context Menu” look for “Talkback Settings” and double-tap to open it.

Now that we’re on the “Talkback Settings” page, we can turn off talkback.

To turn Talkback off, Press and hold both the volume keys for 3 seconds.

A pop-up would appear to confirm your action, tap “USE” to use this talkback shortcut feature.


how to bypass google verification on lg tribute empire

Again tap both volume keys for 3 seconds and talkback would turn off. A confirmation message would flash at the bottom of the screen ” Accessibility shortcut turned TalkBack off”.

Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page and open “Help & Feedback”.

On the “Help” page, tap “About Switch Access for Android” to open it.

lg tribute empire frp bypass 2019

Tap on the youtube video. A “3 dots” icon would appear at the top right corner. Click on it

Now hit, “Watch later”. This action would take us to the Google Chrome web browser.

lmx220pm google bypass

Move forward, without signing in as shown in the screenshots above.


lg tribute empire google lock bypass

Search “maps” in the google search bar

On the search results page, select the second tab i.e MAPS as shown in the screenshot above.

This action would take us to the Google Maps app.


STEP 2: Launching Contacts app using Google Maps 

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